A Double Portion

I know I have already written a lengthy post on Elijah and Elisha's relationship. In all honesty, I had every intention of leaving it as that, and pressed forward with other topics that were heavy on my mind. Reverencing God. The beauty in the death of Jesus.Yet, here I am. I'm not sure if it… Continue reading A Double Portion

The Familiar

Over the past weeks, months even a terrible sensation has fallen over me that's hard to put into words exactly. It's only gotten worse. It's so desperately sobering. It's not a happy message, and definitely not fluff. When it came to me I felt almost as I was sucker punched in the gut. It went… Continue reading The Familiar

A Small Lesson from Solomon’s Prayer

In 1 Kings 8, Solomon had finished, at long last building the temple of the Lord, and he dedicates it with a lengthy prayer that speaks of what God had said. The conditions of blessings and curse under the Lord. The Lord said so many times over that IF we obey... IF we walk in… Continue reading A Small Lesson from Solomon’s Prayer