Intercessory Parenting

"It is the Lord, let Him do what seemeth Him good." I could feel my lips twitch into a smile despite my mind still being fast asleep. Who like my God to wake me up, or plant a Scripture in my mind when I was still sleeping? This was relatively new and despite the exhaustion… Continue reading Intercessory Parenting

Cain’s Kingdom

I've been thinking an awful lot lately. Nothing new, I suppose. I'm sure even the topic has surfaced… possibly even multiple times whether in my day to day conversations or possibly even in these blogs. I often think one of two things when it comes to repeated things. Either God is convicting me afresh, as… Continue reading Cain’s Kingdom

Praise the Lord!

A spattering of cries sounded, urged by yet another exhortation to praise the Lord. "Say 'Hallelujah!'" Over and over the urge was given, until a great cry went forth of praise. Well by the time it was done, I was convinced ten minutes surely elapsed. So, it's phone church. I kind of shuffled the phone… Continue reading Praise the Lord!

In the Fullness of Time

It's been difficult to get any writing done for the past week, or more. With the holidays full swing, despite not celebrating them myself, his presence made it difficult. What can I say? I'm used to my solitude. When inspiration would strike, I would find that he was on the computer and by the time… Continue reading In the Fullness of Time